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This past weekend I was traveling to Prague to be one of the judges in Mister Gayman Czech Republic and Slovakia 2016.

It was amazing to see Marek, Ládik and Paul again. I landed Saturday morning and Marek was so sweet to pick me up at the airport and follow me to my hotel. There I had a couple of hours so I could take a nap before it was time to leave. I met up with Lenka Josefiova, Miss European tourism 2015, and we left for the Royal Theater, an AMAZING place. It was just so beautiful (by the way, they had incredibly good espresso martinis). Paul arrived and the four of us were together again! It was a really fun experience to be in the jury and on the “other side of the table”. The guys were so lovely and I’m looking forward to watch them grow. I wish the winner, Matej Boros, and the rest of the delegates good luck in the future.

Danni Sigen