Friday 5 August 2016, at 8.30 PM (Norwegian time) you are invited to join the Mr Gay Europe 2016 Award Dinner via live stream from Oppdal, Norway.

Then you get to know who; after a long and eventful journey from Stockholm in Sweden via the Scandinavian mountains, the city of Trondheim and the village of Oppdal, will be the winner of Mr Gay Europe 2016.

Ten finalists made it to the end, after completing different challenges along the way, from written test, sports challenge, personal interview, team challenge and so on. No the numbers will be added up, the jury will have the last say and one of the delegates will be standing tall, he will be the first among equals.

Later this fall an up close and personal documentary telling the whole story; about the trip and the competition and the men that took part will be released in several territories and countries.