After an early start to the day, the delegates jumped on the bus and were whisked off to Viewpoint, Snoehetta. Climbing the mountain they arrived at the highest summit where they were welcomed by the local ranger who gave a talk on the mountain wildlife which includes red deer, reindeer and the famous Norwegian ‘musk ox’.

After arriving home, the boys were treated to a health seminar which explored the subject of HIV undertaken by Ireland’s Robbie Lawlor from ‘Youth Stop Aids’. Subjects explored were HIV, men’s sexual health and advocacy.

The boys then changed and dressed for the interview challenge, which is the toughest job interview in Europe. The interviews are vectored 4 in the competition which means that they are the highest ranking round of the entire competition. The judges were Mr Gay Europe President, Tore Aasheim; Managing Director, Stuart Hatton; South African Human Rights attorney, Coenie Kukkuk; Mayor of Oppdal, Kirsti Wellander; and the Vice Mayor of Oppdal, Ingvill Dalseg.

After the interviews, the delegates were taken to do some confessions as part of our filmed documentary and from the reports that came back from the camera crew, their wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

After a long day, the boys arrived home exhausted but satisfied.