The boys have arrived in the Norwegian village of Oppdal, situated high in the mountains of Norway and surrounded by local wildlife, the delegates arrived just before midnight on Sunday.

During the 13 hour bus ride from Stockholm to Oppdal the boys were also informed that they were to organise a fashion show, in which they have to source out their own clothes, extra models, choreograph and stage the show all by themselves. This is their first team challenge and they will all have to work together using their initiative and skill to pull of a great fashion show.

When the the boys arrived in Opdal they were amazed at their luxurious cabin hidden high in the hills and were greeted by gifts sponsored by Opdalingen.

Time to settle in for the night and prepare for the sports challenge tomorrow as well as a visit to a viking burial site and then Oppdal Museum where the written test will be set at the local schoolhouse. The boys will round off their day by meeting the mayor of Oppdal.