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Boys and balls. You’d think they would be good at handling any kind of balls, seeing as they’re boys. But no. You would have to think again.

We decided to warm the boys up in front of a camera by having some of the team throw a volleyball at the boys, and having the delegates serve the ball back. This was a chance to shine as sportsmen. A couple did. Most had no clue what they were doing. Which lended itself for rather funny photo opportunity. We could have gone several ways with these photos, but we decided to go with what was obvious; the funny pictures.

Some of the boys had no control of the ball and ended up hitting the ball towards the photographer, who did their best to duck. But the photographer¬†laughed it off, “The boys throw like girls. That did not hurt at all. I was more worried about the camera than being hit by their weak balls.”

After a couple rounds in front of the camera, the delegates got to relax by a game of volleyball where they had to play the Mr Gay Europe team. Of course, the team won.