Delegates from Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy and Switzerland are especially now invited to sign on.

Any person who consider himself as a gay man, who wants to make a difference and lead as an example and be a role model for other gay men in Europe, and who has a dream and a belief for a better Europe for everyone; gay and straight, men and women – can sign up for “the toughest job interview” on the continent; Mr Gay Europe. It might not be just a walk in the park, but it is also meant to be fun, interesting and enlightening.

This is the 10th time the international finale of Mr Gay Europe is produced. This year the competition takes place in Sweden and Norway. Some delegates and countries have already signed on and some more will submit their delegates in the next days. Right now delegates from Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy and Switzerland are especially invited to sign on.

If a national producer for any reason does not get his MGE license renewed or he decline to send a delegate a given year, anyone living in the respective country or territory can fill in an application and represent his country. In the final two weeks before the deadline to register, we invite any gay man 18 years (there is no maximum age) to step up to the challenge.

Mr Gay Europe is not the ordinary “beauty pageant” where you have to be a “Miss Norway” to be able to take part. If your country does not have a licensed producer you can simply sign on directly, justifying your participation through an online application.

Mr Gay Europe wants to be an including event, our slogan is “Unity through Diversity” and National Producers or delegates do not have to pay any expensive fees to join in. Everyone at the MGE team works voluntarily; the owner, the webmaster, the managing director or anyone else connected to the Mr Gay Europe family.

We believe in putting on an effort for the community and to work together as a team or a family; just take a look around – the fight for equal rights and general respect is not over.

If you want to be part of a very special experience, if you want to meet new friends, network with people all over Europe and learn more about being gay in Europe – sign up today – this is your last chance to be part of Mr Gay Europe 2016, final day to register is June 30.