Jack with his family; mother, father, brother and familiy dog back home in Sweden.

Jack Johansson, Mr Gay Europe 2014, tells family and friends he will focus on working for his title in the year to come.

So, here we go. I’ve reached a decision to not be a competitor in Mr Gay World 2014 in Rome.

There is not so much explanation to do, but as most of you know I go to a very time consuming school and since I won Mr Gay Europe I’ve had this sort of inner stress. And once I decided that not to be a competitor in MGW was the best for me I got calm, there was no stress left.

And I realized that this was best for me, to focus on my school and at the same time work as hard as I can with my title as Mr Gay Europe, that in that way, I can get the most out of both worlds.

I hope that everybody will respect my decision as much as my family, friends and the team from MGE have done. And who knows? It’s not impossible that I show up in Rome anyway, but not in the competition.

Stay Proud