MGEjack03How is it to win Mr Gay Europe? How do you do it? Jack Johansson, Mr Gay Europe 2014 take you back to the week when he came all the way from Sweden to Austria and went home with the title.

After a long night at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg I finally arrived in Vienna where I was greeted by Andreas from the MGE crew. After collecting some of the other delegates we went to the train that took us in to the city.

At the hotel, Hotel 1060 Vienna, we met the rest of the MGE crew and got our rooms distributed. I was going to share room with Mr Northern Ireland, Nick Flanagan, who turned out to be a really good friend of mine for the rest of the week.

MGEjack01Nick and Robbie, Mr Ireland, who traveled together, decided to go find a grocery store while I stayed at the room to take a shower and recover from the sleepless night before.

Once they got back, me and Nick stayed in bed for a couple of hours just talking, trying to get to know each other. He showed up to be a really nice guy.

MGEjack02Then the evening came and we had our introduction meeting, we went through the weeks schedule, we tasted all the ”taste of” products from all delegates home countries and got our small souvenirs from our new roommates.

After the meeting we went to the amusement park Pratern to get something to eat and drink. Fantastic food and a couple of really good beers later, we went to the new opened bar and night club The Red Carpet, where we had a really good time making anyone on the dance floor move their butts!

The first day was really good even though the Danish delegate Christian couldn’t join us in the evening. But he definitely caught up the day after on the tour, also he is a really nice guy!

Stay tuned to join the rest of the week!

Stay Proud


The next post will be online tomorrow morning.