Photo: Beate A Tecza

Photo: Beate A Tecza

So finally I’m home from a week filled with adventures. I don’t think I really get what happened, but I’ve had so much fun!

Here at home the welcoming back has been amazing, my parents picked me up at the airport late this sunday night and since I woke up on monday morning have the phone been ringing all the time. Calls from friends and family who want to gratulate me and journalists from newspapers and radiochannels.

Wherever I go here in my hometown I constantly meet people who wants to gratulate me, and that means so much to me. To see that such a small town is so openminded is amazing.

There is a lot of people who have been wondering about my week in Austria, so I’ve decided that everybody who wants to will be able to come with me on my journey. I’m going to post what we did day by day starting on saturday, I hope you too want to join me!

At last I want to thank everybody who have been a part of the week. All other delagates, the team in Austira who produced the whole week and everybody who helped me from back home! Thank you!

Stay Proud!


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