MGE_stamp02Mr Gay Europe 2013 Robbie O’Bara is this 14 February going to be on a stamp!

It is the Norwegian Postal Office who has authorized the use of the image of Mr Gay Europe on stamps. The stamp is an A class Europe stamp. The photo on the stamp is taken by Beate A. Tecza.

Now anyone who wants can get a special collector’s item of the stamp in the name of love!

This Valentine’s Day the Mr Gay Europe organization will send out Valentine’s cards with the Mr Gay Europe 2013 stamp, the cards will be sent from Oslo on Friday 14 February.

You can either order a card for yourself and at the same time get a very special souvenir from Mr Gay Europe, or you can order the card to be sent to someone you would like to send a special Valentines card to.

In the name of love and to support Mr Gay Europe and our fight for gay and human rights you can purchase the stamp and the card (in an envelope) to the address you choose for only 12 euros. The card is specially made for this occasion and will be numbered individually. The stamp will not be for sale in the post office.