Mr Gay Northern Ireland, Irish producer Brian Merriman, Mr Gay Europe 2013 winner Robbie O’Bara.

From a crazy week in Prague, Mr Gay Europe 2013, Robbie O’bara is now on his way back to Ireland to meet his supporters and the local media on Thursday.

Robbie, who initially was going to Antwerp and Mr Gay World, told the producers that he would like to focus on his mission – to create a platform to better target his community from a bio-/psycho-/social health aspect.  This is important to Robbie and he wants to do a good job with his title as Mr Gay Europe 2013.

– Here at the MGE team we are very proud of this year’s winner, and we believe he would have had a real chance to make it to the top in Mr Gay World. At the same time we are honored and proud that he has made the choice to focus on his title as Mr Gay Europe. Everyone at MGE is looking forward to work with Robbie in the coming year, and we feel that Robbie will bring a new dimension to the competition with his health aspect, says president of MGE Tore Aasheim.

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