700_4294If you thought Mr Gay Europe was just for beauty queens, you have to think again. At the sports challenge the guys showed that it’s not all fun and games in Prague, sometimes you have put friendships aside and just simply play to win. That being said, the boys never forgot to haveĀ someĀ fun while fighting to win the sports challenge. Mr Austria proved to everyone attending that you can indeed have a lot of fun while keeping your head in the game, and come out the winner.

700_4057The temperatures in Prague have been on the high end of the scale while the Mr Gay Europe delegates have been here. Today, more than ever as Mr Northern Ireland can attest to, proved that if you’re not used to intense heat, it’s important to take extra care and stay in the shade every now and then and cool off. And keep the sunblock handy.

We congratulate everyone on an amazing game, and Mr Austria on winning the sports challenge.