putinOpen letter to
President Vladimir Vladimirovitsj Putin


Dear Mr President,

A true President protects all his people. People place their trust in him because they share something special – they are all voters in a democracy. They share and celebrate their citizenship based on trust and respect for all. They have repeatedly exercised their vote in the ballot box to elect you.

A leader is not one who protects the powerful and represses the powerless as in days of old. A leader is one who uses the office the people elected him to and trusted him with, to empower his people as they have empowered him.

Real men and women must know and be who they are and know and be respected for what they feel. Real people are not afraid to love and care for another human being as a President loves his country. Real people in a good country know they have nothing to fear when leaders respect all their people.

There can be nothing wrong with a country where people are free to be who they are, in peace. There is nothing wrong with a leader who wants his country and his people to be free, not to fear, but to respect each other. That is real power and the privilege of leadership.

I write this letter because I am especially thinking about all the young people – the future of Russia – who will grow up in a hostile and oppressive society that is ignorant and intolerant when it comes to human rights and one of the most basic and beautiful human feelings – the need and ability to love someone else.

Statistics from all over the world show a gloomy reality; the suicide rate among gay teenagers are much higher than among other teenagers – these are lives that could have been saved if society was more open-minded, empathetic and generous.

Your people now need to you lead a Russia built on respect where it as legal to love your partner as it is to love your country. This is your chance to lead a better Russia for all its people. Are you the man to show respect, not based on power, but on citizenship? Repeal the anti gay laws that hate your own people, and show what it is to be a President of all Russians no matter who they are lucky enough to love.

Tore Aasheim
President of MGE


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