lighthouse Mr Gay Europe is not just about a pretty face. After the week in Prague all the delegates will go back to their different countries with memories for life and knowledge for a lifetime.

Mr Gay Europe is all about creating networks and friendships, and to experience and gain knowledge together as a group. When we gather men from all over Europe it is a great opportunity to send them back home with some insight and new understanding.

Hiv and aids have – whether we like it or not – become a part of life, for gay and straight people alike. The Lighthouse in Prague, a well-known aids-center for many years, will host a seminar with specially invited guests for our MGE delegates.

The Czech expert team will talk and inform about hiv and aids, and give a tour on the facility which among other things offers hiv tests and gives help and support if the test shows that you are infected with the virus.

The MGE delegates will visit the centre on Tuesday 30th July in the morning. If you are around, come and join us and get the latest updates on this important subject.