The cooperation between Mr Gay Europe and Czech fashion designer, Jozef Sloboda, has just become bigger and better.

Jozef is now working on a new collection that shows his usual forcus on details and form, along with high quality materials and trendy colours, something you will get to see for yourself at the fabulous fashion show at Vrtbovska Garden on Sunday 28th July, which will star the Mr Gay Europe 2013 delegates.

They will be wearing Jozef’s 20 best outfits from his Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

In addition to the fashion show at Vrtbovska Garden, Jozef Sloboda’s collection will also be a part of the MGE grand finale, where the delegates will wear his swimwear.

Jozef Sloboda has created unique t-shirts for the Mr Gay Europe 2013 event, and each delegate will get a set of three shirts, and they will get to meet Jozef when they visit his shop in the centre of Prague. Getting to know a fashion designer is only one of the perks of being a delegate in the Mr Gay Europe competition.