David Joëts (3rd place), Tom Goris (winner) and David Dedeene (2nd place)

David Joëts (3rd place), Tom Goris (winner) and David Dedeene (2nd place)

Tom Goris (34) is the new Mr Gay Flanders. Tom wun the title after a lively and successful final show at the Dclub in Antwerp and are therefore the newest member of the Mr Gay Europe family.

During the competition the judges; Belgian Minister of education, youth and equality Pascal Smet, Lesley-Ann Poppe, Joyce De Troch, Miriam Jacques, Lulu Aertgeerts, Geert De Puysseleyr and Marc Putman were looking for the perfect combination of good looks, personality and attitude.

The newly crowned Mister Gay Flanders from Tremelo, is a Mr Gay title-holder with a clear and strong personal message. He wants to take action against bullying against gay people and he also wants to be an ambassador for the gay community in Belgium.

The producers Ivan Denis and Bram Bierkens are new to the Mr Gay Europe organization and this was their first go of a national MGE-final. As always there is a representative from MGE present the first time local producers put of a national final, and MGE president Tore Aasheim was very happy with what he saw.

– Our new Belgian producers really embrace and promote the MGE philosophy in an excellent way and I am proud to welcome them to our organization. Without the hard and dedicated work of our national producers Mr Gay Europe would not the strong and independent competition it is, Mr Aashiem says.

Tom will take part in Mr Gay Europe 2013 in Prague 26 – 31 June this summer, and Mr Gay World 2013 that takes place in his own country, in Antwerp 1 – 5 August.

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