mge_hair2 Sunday 28th of July belongs to the beauty and style in wonderful city of Prague.

The delegates of Mr Gay Europe will present fashion designer Jozef Sloboda´s best outfits in the romantic and fabulous Vrtbovska garden at the foot of the Prague castle.

To make our men even more beautiful for this evening they will be welcomed in newly opened beauty studio of amazing Tomáš Arsov in the middle of Prague, just a few steps away from both our official and partner hotels.

Arsov started his career a few years ago as a hairstylist and he became very popular due his talent and to the TV show “A few years younger”. After some years he decided to open his own studio.

– Our looks affects our self-confidence. If you feel satisfied with yourself your day is better and easier, Mr Arsov says.

– Isn’t that a bit superficial?

– No, I am not superficial at all. Everyone wants to look good, Arsov smiles.

The day of beauty will start in Tomas Arsov beauty and hair institute, he and his team will do everything for the delegates to make them look smashing with new haircut and shiny and happy faces.