So we know that it is the fabulous Nikitia Rock that is going to be the hostess with the mostess  at the Grand Finale of Mr Gay Europe, but a diva on stage needs an extraordinary side-kick.

Well, thinking of it; “side-kick” might not be the right word in this case.

Nikita Rock

Nikita Rock

The fragile (yeah, right!) woman needs strong man, yes? Are we right? Or maybe a delicate man needs a strong woman? Make your own opinion. Here here is the second host of the evening: Petr Vojnar.

Petr is much more than just a pretty face. He has a lot of experiences with hosting show, TV and radio broadcasting. He is mostly known for his appearances in Czech TV shows.

However, if you ask him what has the most interesting job, he surprisingly answers;

– It was Miss Deaf World; the great celebration of human kind. And that’s why I really want to do a good job for Mr Gay Europe as well, because gay rights are human rights, and we are all humans!

Petr is a real professional and this is why people love him and want more of him. If you want to see more of him – much more of him – come to Prague and the Grand Finale show!