PraguewillsurpriseyouThe 8th annual Mr Gay Europe will be full of cultural surprises. It’s time to introduce to you the fabulous dance company that is responsible for the choreography during the grand finale on Tuesday 30th of July.

Be aware! This company is very well known for their “surprise performances”. You are in the restaurant and suddenly – all the waiters start to dance! An amazing experience! So what we can expect from them this time and where will they show up?

Please join us and welcome Evildancers on to the MGE stage. They are one of the biggest and most professional dance companies in the Czech Republic and the only one of its kind at such a high level.

Their main styles are jazz, musical/theatre and contemporary but they work with a lot on the commercial scene so they mix great technique and art with entertainment and show for everyone.

The company has already 10 years of history so the dancers and choreographers are well experienced in all different kinds of events; from fashion shows and parties to very specific performances like live chess or dancing in the dark! Are you not looking forward to see them?