Miguel wants your voice to be heard - vote today!

Miguel wants your voice to be heard – vote today!

¡Hola Amigos!

I hope you all had a nice and peaceful Christmas and you spent it with someone you love and that you got at least one Christmas present you wanted! I also hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and that your new year will be eventful and happy!

Now the New Year is ahead of us and hopefully it will be full of exciting happenings, new opportunities and maybe some of us are ready to find love.

I think it is important that we who live in countries where it is ok to be gay don’t forget that freedom and right does not come for free and we need to keep on fighting for our rights.

We also have to remember those in our neighbourhood that still have not achieved rights that we take for granted; to go to a gay club to meet other gay people, to walk hand in hand with the one you love, not to be fired from work because the boss finds out you are gay and so on.

There is still so much to be done regarding gay rights in Europe and now I want to know from you what you think is most important gay issue in Europe right now. Of course I understand that we have to work with more than one subject at the time, but if you had to choose just one topic, what would that be?

Here is a list of gay right issues, some of them are more important to some parts of Europe than others; I want to know what is mostimportant for you. Some statements you might find not so important, but remember that we are all very different and we have different priorities.

Anyway I leave it into the hands of gay people of Europe to give me direction on what will be my Mr Gay Europe mission for 2013!


The voting is open till 1st March. You are welcome to comment on the subjects and the voting. Please note that the comments will be moderated.