It is that time of year again – Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve – days and evenings when a lot of young gay young men and women decide to tell their family their «big secret».

In most cases it all works out well, sometimes things could have gone better and in some cases things turns out really bad.

There is no golden rule or secret advice to give when to tell or not, you yourself know your family and friends best – sometimes they are ready, sometimes they are not – sometimes the time is right, sometimes it is not a good time – there is only one way to find out.

And to everyone out there who did come out to friends and family, who have made the small step that sometimes makes the big changes – don’t forget there are guys that are going through the same feelings this season – open your heart and home – be a proud and brave friend.

From Miguel and the rest of the Mr Gay Europe family – we wish you a proud and peaceful Christmas and a happy and adventures New Year!