Rome, Thursday 9. August 2012:

When you’re at the pool, no matter your age, once you hit the water, you’re 12 years old. Even while recording video interviews and posing for photos, the Mr Gay Europe delegates found the time to just play and be silly.

Sometimes trying out neck-breaking stunts, the boys weren’t exactly Olympic material, but they made sure to make the most out of a fun day by the pool. A little sunburned and a lot exhausted, lunch went down with a gusto, before it was time to prepare for The Big Interview.

Being done in an alphabetical order, the guys at the top of the alphabet didn’t have time to get nervous. Those towards the end of the alphabet had a much harder time conserving their nerves. All over the interviews went well, and the run for the title of Mr Gay Europe is tight.

“We know the Italian food is good, we just didn’t realize we would get so much of it,” The President of Mr Gay Europe said with a laugh about the dinner at the Roman City center later that night.

Denmark decided to withdraw from the competition due to personal convictions. Mr Gay Europe and the Italian producers accepted his decision and made available accommodations so that he could stay and enjoy Rome until his original return.

“I signed up for something I didn’t know what was, and this is too much for me,” the young Dane informed the organizers. Mr Gay Europe and Gay Village wishes Mr Denmark the best for his future.

All photos © Beate A Tecza /

Here are photos from the second day in Rome. (Also on Flickr for media and bloggers)