Rome, Friday 10. august 2012:

Being Romans, the producers of Gay Village know how incredibly hot the city center of Rome can get, and set up a day of sun and fun at the beach for the delegates. Having nearly melted to nothing but puddles at the bus, the delegates ran out of the bus, down to the beach and out into the water like bats out of hell.

Having cooled down it was time to rub on some suntan lotion. Even on those hard to reach spots with a little help from each other. Some of the delegates took the the time to work a little on their tans, while others barely left the water.

Put them at the beach, and boys will always be boys. Wet sand-wars, pyramids that kind of fell apart, making sand mermaid out of Mr Northern Ireland, and generally being silly; as evident from the images we have posted on our Flickr account.

There was one challenge for the delegates to take part in; a run. First guy to run out into the water, around a set mark, then back up the beach and grab the flag from The President of Mr Gay Europe. Taking one for the host country, Mr Italy won that challenge by being just a little bit faster than the rest.

There even was some time to get a little bit of rehearsal in at the beach, you know, for the show later that day.

All photos © Beate A Tecza /