Mr Gay Europe takes pride in always including everyone regardless of challenges that the delegates may have, and we are always working hard to improve in this matter.

This year, Argyrios Christakis from Greece isn’t only «just» speaking Greek, but his challenge – or should we rather say our challenge – is that he’s also deaf.

From the experience with Mr Greece, we learned that signlanguage isn’t the same all over the world.

Just like each country has its own spoken/written language, each country also has its own signlanguage. Because you speak one signlanguage, it doesn’t mean that someone from another country will understand you; even spelling out the letters differs from country to country.

The first day of the event the president of MGE Tore Aasheim and Argyrios Christakis got help from international signlanguage translator Marco to understand each other.

As we always say at Mr Gay Europe; we learn something new every single day.

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