11 proud men aged 21 – 42 form the European delegation to Mr Gay World in Johannesburg, South Africa, April 4 – 8.

– Europe has the biggest Delegation in MGW and it is about time to bring the MGW trophy back to the continent, says Tore Aasheim, European Area Director at MGW and MGE President. He will accompany the 11 Delegates to South Africa.

The last two years the MGE cup has been won by South Africa and the Europeans are eager to return home with the title that is awarded for the fourth time.

The European delegation consists of the following countries and delegates:

BULGARIA, Chavdar Arsov (25)


CZECH REPUBLIC, Tomas Fryda (23)


FINLAND, Jussi Laitinen (26)


FRANCE, Remy Frejaville (30)


GERMANY, Chris J. Janik (36)


IRELAND, Steven Baitson (21)


THE NETHERLANDS, Thom Goderie (21)


NORWAY, Stephen Grindhaug (21)


SPAIN, Angel Cervera, (24)


SWITZERLAND, Stephan Bitterlin (42)


UNITED KINGDOM, Samuel Mark Kneen (23)

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