Each year gay Norway celebrates their heroes, friends and causes; Mr. Gay Europe was present at Gay Galla 2012 in Oslo.

Mr. Gay Europe Giulio Spatola visited Norway for the second time as he attended the 3rd annual Gay Galla in Oslo Saturday January 8.

Giulio made sure to meet up with the newly elected Mr. Gay Norway Stephen Grindhaug and the two of them made a nice team on the red carpet.

The Gay Galla 2012 in Oslo exhibited a row of Norwegian celebrities and dignities, among them a good friend of Mr. Gay Europe, the mayor of Oslo, Mr. Fabian Stang, who was awarded the prize “Straight Person of the Year”!

The Norwegian Police Director Øystein Mæland was named «Gay Man of the Year» and writer and activist Amal Aden «Gay Woman of the Year». They both gave strong and inspiring speeches after being awarded their prizes, NOK 10.000 (Euro 1600) which they are to donate to an organization of their choice. Mr. Mæland gave his prize to the Russian organization “Coming Out” and Ms. Aden gave her prize to the Norwegian organization “Skeiv Verden”.

The Mr. Gay Europe organization was happy to learn that its founder and former President Morten Ruda was awarded a special honorably award together with the drag queen group “The Great Garlic Girls” which he founded over 30 years ago along with Mr. Simen Sand and Mr. Olav Klingen. The present members; Terje Schroeder, Jonny Nymoen and Dean Andersen were about to get ready for the great finale number when they were asked to come onstage and receive the prize.

Giulio did not come all alone to Oslo, his boyfriend Marco Federici accompanied him to the Norwegian capital.











Giulio and Norwegian blogger Lene Wikander.