It was Stephen Grindhaug (20) from the small island of Karmøy in Norway who Saturday night took home the crown of Mr. Gay Norway 2011.

Stephen will be representing Norway in the Mr. Gay Europe finals in Rome in August of 2012. If he gets invited, he will also defend the Norwegian colours in The Mr. Gay World finals in Johannesburg in South Africa in April next year.

Stephen works as a shop assistant and likes to hang out with his friends. He tells us that he is himself 100%.

“I have strong opinions about various issues and I believe I have a nice way of reaching out to people. I find everyone interesting and I enjoy listening to a person’s life experience and thoughts and opinions when it comes to sexual orientation for instance.

Mr. Gay Norway; the top three and the jury

I love my friends and I feel like a genuinely good person through and through who always has a smile on his lips. I don’t take myself too seriously and I am open which make people feel secure around me. We’re all different. I feel it is important to live one’s own life, and not through others. So as you can tell; I am a proud young gay man!

Mr. Gay Norway 2011; The Top 3 and the jury.